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This is the website gallery of mitchell hartman a photo-based artist residing in New York City. mitchell received his BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts and studied photography while working as a photo retoucher for most of NYC's advertising agencies. His current work is titled, “Passengers”

Passengers is a modern exploration of daily life in NYC using the traditional look of the Street Photography genre, and presents to the viewer what is unique about the city, it’s amazing transit system. For most New Yorkers, the transit system defines the contours of their lives:  it is both actually and metaphorically—the nervous system of New York , and conditions their sensibilities, with smiles, anguish, music listening, and queries of direction.Nowhere else in America do citizens spend so much time underground

mitchell, invites the viewer to ride alongside each passenger on  the subway and when presented on Newsprint paper evokes everything that makes NYC the publication capital of the world. Of course the paper which will yellow with time adds to emphasize the disposability of the times we live in, invoking feelings and emotions one might identify with their own journey.

Passengers #1 is available as a zine, 4"x6 " 12 pages of newsprint with matte cover-stock covers,  all for $15 you can order at

Fragments, which is represented by Susan Spiritus Galleries, employs a combination of photo collage and digital technique that reenforces the question of the act of seeing as depicted in the pictures and the viewers' own act of looking at the act or process of seeing. Fragments deals into the scanned vision, where the eye sees a portion of a scene, and the mind puts them together. However, throughout the images there is always one piece that never gets fragmented creating a secondary focus.The pictures seem to in turn bring the question of seeing back on the viewer of the pictures. Self referential as in self consciousness with a touch of, (and I quote a saying), " when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back".

Fragment is also a metaphor of the world we live in, fragmented bits floating around a central character unfazed by his surrounding, he transcend it and finds his own footing in a turbulent time. This work is available in several sizes on digital archival paper and inks and can be purchased at

mitchell can be contacted at :

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